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Year of Operation

About Us

Humana Foods is an Agribusiness company with a laser focus on improving local food production in Nigeria. Established in August 2020, the company has over the last year made a comprehensive effort towards becoming a meat and poultry processing company delivering quality products to consumers across the country. The company was established as a solution to the decline in food sufficiency in major states in the country as well as investment in the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy. As a new and fast-growing food processing company, Humana Foods is positioning itself at the center of consumer needs for safe, fresh, organic, and quality meat and poultry produce. Agreed, when it comes to purchasing meat and poultry products, you are greeted with a variety of options. Well, we are providing you with the safest option in the market. We offer products fit for the king’s table. We are on the journey towards providing fresh, healthy and quality meats and poultry products to consumers on both small and large scales across Nigeria.

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Why Us!

Few reasons why you should choose us!

Humana Foods prides itself in ensuring that its employees and stakeholders are fully integrated into the organization’s system. Everyone is a key player and as such needs to understand the rudiments of the organization. Very important to our growth and success are our core values;

Customer satisfaction: They are the heartbeat and the reason behind it all. This is why we are committed to providing the best services to our customers, ensuring that they receive quality products. Our customer service is like no other.

Quality: One of our key values is providing quality products for our consumers. We ensure that all products are safe and meet up with industry standards. We are constantly pushing to make sure that we set a good standard when it comes to quality.

Integrity: We stay true to our word. As a fast-growing agribusiness in Nigeria, Humana foods knows the value of doing the right thing, carefully ensuring that all actions are as transparent as possible.

Constant Improvement: We strongly believe that there is room for improvement, that is why we are constantly trying to be better than we were a second ago. The world is advancing and we are sure on the train to build a better and healthy tomorrow.

Mission Statement
To provide our consumers with organic, quality, and affordable meat and poultry products thereby actively promoting healthy eating.
Our Vision
To become one of the major stakeholders in the Nigerian Agro market with a commitment to improving the quality of our products while still delivering affordable services to our customers.

Our Products

Products that we offer to our customers


Farm-to-Earn is an investment platform we offer to investors in which funds are invested into our project development while we offer a good Return on Investment (ROI) on maturity

Meats Processing

At Humana Foods, we raise birds, slaughter, process, and package poultry meats for global consumption. This we achieve through modern slaughtering eqipment and expert team members who ensure timely delivery of our products. Our logisitic channels cover both bulk and retail orders. Visit our shopping center to place your orders

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Chicken Thigh

Our Team

Meet our experienced team members

Prince Olaleye


Prince Olaleye, a seasoned chatered accountant, Chartered Banker and Certified IT Auditor with 30 years experience in meat and poultry agribusiness
Bayo Bamisaye

Head, Business Operations

Bayo holds degrees in Engineering and MBA with extensive experience in Banking, Credit & Risk Management,and Sales and Customer Relationships
Khadijat Bakare

Head, Finance & Admin

She is a result-driven human and financial capital professional with great attention to details. Her passion for success is exceptional
Prof. Adebayo Akinloye

Director, Farm operations

Adebayo Akinloye is a seasoned vetenary diagnostic imaging(VDI) consultant and a veterinary medical practioner